Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Designing a Bedding Haven !

Its bad enough to not be able to find the perfect bedding. Yet, I think it's worse when you have too many beautiful selections and need to decide which one (ones !) to go with .. eeny meeny miny moe ....

Here is a sprinkling of new bedding additions to delight the perfectly designer soul.

Vintage inspired, fresh cottage poplin prints by Annette Tatum's Little House Collection Crib Bedding and House Inc. Bedding for Kids and Home.

Celebrate Spring with Mystic Valley Traders delightfully Spring/Summer Patterns. OR Simply get a new look by getting one of these designer headboards for girls from Mystic Valley. WOW o WOW ~

Want more, Take a peek at the beautiful selecton of designer bedding right here at The Pepper Kids !

It's all about celebrating ... and ... in Style, of course !

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