Sunday, August 23, 2009

Decorating Bedrooms for Teens and Tweens

Jennifer Mitchell from Design Hole recently talked about the 3 Golden Rules to follow when decorating for Teens and Tweens. Its a great article that will resonate with most parents with a teenager.
Rule #1: Your color scheme and sense of style should end at a teenager’s bedroom door.
Rule #2: Set some ground rules and create a budget together
Rule#3: Place color on things that can be changed out easily.

Jennifer is an interior designer from the Detroit Metropolitan area with a passion for design and writing. She offers some great advice on decorating as well as new trends.

To read the complete article click here

Looking for some selections for your teenager, here is a sprinkling of some great finds that teens love.

Designers Guild Union Square Collection

Cafe Cherry Collection

Everlasting Pool Sky Khaki by House Inc Collection

Romantic Beth Quilt from taylor Linens

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