Friday, May 28, 2010

Olena Boyko - Lavish Linens

Olena Boyko Bassinets, Crib Linens and Olena Boyko Moses baskets are exquisitely crafted and offer luxuriously stylish bedding for babies. Elegant color balance, delicate fabric selection, and high quality of sewing work are distinguishing features of Olena Boyko's work style resulting in Frills and Silks like no other designer in the baby beddding industry. Absolutely Gorgeous and Charming Bassinets in silks and colors from pale pink to aqua to chocolates and creams. Dress up or down in style now with Olena Boyko Crib Bedding. We hope you are as enamoured by Olena Boyko bedding styles as we are ... Now yours to own and Chrish forever !! Our fav is the Olena Boyko Sheridan Silk Dupioni Bassinet set and the Olena Boyko Rose Petals Silk Dupioni Bassinet Set.